Canoe Rugs

These rugs featuring canoes, will be sure to warm up a lake house, camp, rustic cabin, or the office of a wood canoe enthusiast.

UW-COLORADO-LODGE-2.jpg Colorado Lodge Canoe Rug $104.00

This rug features canoes & paddles surrounded by rustic elements.

Price Shown is for size 3'11" x 5'3"
Other Sizes Available

* Heavyweight twisted olefin
* Stain,Soil, Odor and fade resistant

Paddles-Rug-1.JPG Paddles Rug $95.00

This 2' x 3' rug features rustic paddles on a crimson red background.

RYAN-FOWLER-JB-RF001__74038_zoom.jpg Lab in Canoe Rug $34.99

This great black lab in canoe rug is usable inside or out! Just throw it in the wash when needed.

Perfect for the patio, dock, kids room, front doorway or bathroom.

21" x 33"