About Us

Winnipesaukee Canoe Company was created out of a love for wood canoes. There is something special about the way a wood canoe is constructed. From the ribs and gunwales to the seats. The beautiful patterns and lines painted on the canvas covering these early canoes, was equally as impressive as the construction itself. The finishing touch of the wood canoe manufacturer was the design and placement of their logo.

Our logo was created to evoke nostalgia for the tranquil days when wooden canoes carried couples to remote areas of lakes and riverbanks to picnic.
When small rustic cottages dotted the shoreline with colorful canoes beached on shore or carefully placed bottom side up on the lawn or beneath the pines awaiting their next passengers.

Their are many of us that share this strange attraction to wood canoes and what they represent. It is our hope that you find that special item on our website for yourself, or a loved one that captures the same emotions.
Thank you for visiting, and please come back often as we are always looking for great new products, and one of a kind antiques.